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  Houston: 713-422-2886

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If you cannot find an answer in our FAQs area or need additional information, please contact us by email, telephone or our NEW Customer Chat Function. A customer service representative will respond to you shortly.
Restaurant Managers & Owners
Space City Takeout helps local restaurant's grow their customer base by delivering restaurant's entrees to customers that would like to have meals conveniently delivered to their home, office,hotel or dorm room.

We provide the HIghest Level of Customer Service. Our Mutual Customers now have the ability and convenience to enjoy your delicious entrees at their home, office,hotel or dorm room. If you have a restaurant in one of our delivery regions, simply contact us to find out how you can have your entrees delivered. If you would like information about partnering with our delivery service, call us at 713-422-2886 or email WeCare@spacecitytakeout.com
Looking For Work?
We are always looking for self employed independent contractor delivery personnel to help us provide excellent service to our customers.
If you have reliable transportation, a good driving record and are familiar with any of our existing areas, consider becoming a self-employed independent contractor.You Set your Own Schedule, and earn a fee per delivery plus a gratuity on every order you deliver.
If Interested, please email us at WeCare@spacecitytakeout.com